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MayDay by Nelson DeMille (Audio Book)

Author By : Nelson DeMille,
Genres : 1998 Audio Books
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing,
ISBN-10 : 0446604763
Pages : 480
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 1, 1998
File Type : MP3
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is really a story which left your heart propounding as it has been plotted with the fry of suspense, tragedy and fear.  The story has been plotted on the ground of tragedy of jumbo passenger jet. When it got strike with the missile 12 miles above the Pacific Ocean.

The story is having goose bumps giving reading stuff into it as after the tragedy there was hardly any passenger who got narrow escape from this devastating event.  It mainly revolves around the three survivors after the tragedy that are author himself , amateur pilot who took the pledge to land the plane and one teenage girl Aisle.

Book is really become page turner as each page contains some suspense into it.

How they 3 made it possible that was next to impossible?

How they survive against the fight of man and nature?

It reveals about the saga of sorrows, courage and painful moments of their life which make the readers keen to it.