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Mathematics for the Nonmathematician (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Author By : Morris Kline,
Genres : Mathematics
Publisher :
ISBN-10 : 0486248232
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Quick Overview

Daily problems of the mankind including practical, scientific, philosophical and artistic problems lead to the investigation of mathematics. But there is another strongest motive behind this investigation which was search for beauty.
Mathematics is an art so it has same features like the art. In this book, author has added the erudite, text for the college level students. Morris Kline who is professor Emertus of Mathematics at NY University provides the detailed treatment of mathematics to the liberal art students explained at cultural and historical context. This is like an self study resource for the common man and even for the high school students.
Book starts with an overview for the development of the mathematics from the ancient Greeks till its evolution till the middle age and renaissance till today. Further chapters on some specific fields of mathematics like Logic and Mathematics, Number: the Fundamental concept, parametric equations and curvilinear motion.
Even the other fields like the differential Calculus and theory of probability are included in this book. The book is divided into various sections and each section is included with the step by step explanation of the concepts and section end up with the exercises and problems to test the understanding of students. All included chapters are equipped with the explanation of the concepts linked to pure and applied science, engineering, philosophy, social science and the art.
This book is best solution for the non mathematician that has curiosity to know about the mathematics.