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Managerial Accounting For Dummies

Author By : Mark P. Holtzman,
Genres : 2013 Accounting
Publisher : For Dummies,
ISBN-10 : 1118116429
Pages : 360
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 11, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Managerial accounting for dummies PDF Download is the excellent effort of the author to make students understand about the key terms and concepts of the managerial accounting. This user guide has tried to give the knowledge of internal accounting operations which really pinpoints the  performance of  business entity.

Students can discovers the specific definitions of the prominent terms of the accounting such as revenue, net income, assets, and liabilities etc. which actually play the key role in accounting field. You may find the concepts starting from the basic to the complex which are mandatory to grasp the knowledge about the managerial accounting.

The content included in the go-study-guide is in such a way that it may not only highlight the core terminology but also the role of managers, Marketing professional, financial analysts that use these concepts for the better decision making. This book covers the topics


  • Determination of margin of safety
  • Tracking inventory flow
  • Calculation of time value of money
  • Preparation of cost of production sheet
  • The balanced score card
  • Measurement of asset turnover
  • Difference of managerial and financial accounting
  • Taking advantage of operating leverage
  • Incremental costs
  • Absorption costing