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Management Information Systems (12th Edition)

Author By : Kenneth C. Laudon,
Genres : 2011 Management
Publisher : Prentice Hall,
ISBN-10 : 0132142856
Pages : 640
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 14, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Author has hammered on comprehensive and integrative coverage of latest and important technologies for information system applications and their impact on business models and managerial decision making.  This book mainly focus on the latest major changes that are occurred in MIS in last two years with the help of new opening, closing and interactive sessions.

This book refers to the depth information about the optimum use of the information technology in the business firms to achieve the corporate objectives. MIS is the effective tool for the managers for the operational Excellency and for developing innovative products and services along with the competitive advantage. Business students can have the overview for the information systems and about their effective use for effective results.

This edition has been updated with 32 video case studies that are framed as 2 for each chapter and 15 instructional videos that are online and even additional discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter. Even many new topics for the MIS has been added for the depth information of the field for students’ better understanding. you can also search Management Information Systems (12th Edition) PDF Download on web too.