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Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the Power of Disagreement

Author By : Peter T. Coleman,
Genres : 2014 Management
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,
ISBN-10 : 0544148398
Pages : 304
Chapters :
Publish Date : September 2, 2014
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

.it is practical guide to navigate the managers for the workplace conflicts with the effective understanding of the power dynamics in every interaction.  Making Conflict Work pdf download provides better view for handling the workplace issues.

As the conflicts are inevitable and frustrating so must be addressed for reducing the power disagreement. Author has highlighted the key role of power in the workplace anxiety. It provides the assistance for any kind of issues whether in case of butting heads with boss or dealing with the complaints of direct report and even it highlights that how relative position of power affects the approach for conflict.

It makes students understanding about the dynamic power function with the sequential understanding about your stand in the conflict and identification and application of the strategies for the best resolution. Students can learn about the effective strategies for negotiating disputes at each level of the organization.