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Camino Island by John Grisham

Author By : John Grisham’s,
Genres : 2017 Fiction Other
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ISBN-10 : 0385543026
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Quick Overview

Unfolding the thrilling events in “Camino Island” a novel by John Grisham will knock you off your feet. The novel begins its fascinating tale by revealing to us a crime act at one of the public buildings.

Unidentified thieves enter the Firestone Library at Princeton University and run off with five rare F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts. They then begin a journey to a resort town on a Florida Island with an intention of finding information about the robbery.It explains the Working for Princeton’s insurance company chase after the criminals, but it mostly focuses on a novelist who launches a private investigation.

“Camino Island” is currently one of USA’s best selling books accumulating more sales from some of the positive reviews so far written about the book. John Grisham’s writing style is perpetual of a true novelist just as he has always been.