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Introduction to VLSI Systems: A Logic, Circuit, and System Perspective

Author By : Ming-Bo Lin,
Publisher : CRC Press,
ISBN-10 : 143986859X
Pages : 915
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 28, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

To reduce the cost of product SoC has become the essential technique parallel with the advancement of semiconductors and ubiquitous computing. With this advancement and reduction of feature size along with the introduction of very large scale integration systems there becomes great need to understand the logic, circuit and systems prospective of these developments so this book satisfies that need.

This book introduces integrated circuits from the scratch by focusing more on the logic circuits, layout and system designs. With this approach students may understand bout the history to adapt these integrated circuits along with their features and limitations.

It is classroom tested book that provide knowledge about the implementation of digital system as full custom integrated circuit. Even there is brief description about the switch logic designs and useful paradigms that are applicable on various static and dynamic logic families.

Even can get dip into the fabrication and layout designs of the CMOS VLSI along processes including the submicron. Its bottom up approach makes it at easy access for the students and numerous worked examples and problems make it complete learning systems for the VLSI systems.