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Immunotherapy of Cancer: An Innovative Treatment Comes of Age

Author By : Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi,
Genres : 2016 Medical
Publisher : Springer,
ISBN-10 : 4431550305
Pages : 358
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 23, 2016
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book focuses on the concepts of the mechanism of the cancer immunotherapy. It has a approach to make readers understand about the applications of the cancer immunotherapy. It has integrated the present status and the future prospective of cancer immunotherapy.

It highlights about the constitution of the immune system and checkpoints of it, valuable modalities, clinical trials and guidance, biomarkers and mechanism of antigen presentation all that are essential for the successful immunotherapy. After the initial treatments of cancer that are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy this fourth treatment has also received acceptance worldwide.

This book highlights that how the defenses of the body can be boosted to root out the cancer. Even for the boost up of defenses material can either be made by the body in itself or even in the lab. Even students may grasp about how the immune system slow down the growth of cancer cells, how it can stop the cancer cells to get spread to other parts and how after destroying the cells immune system works properly.

Even it includes the explanation about the various types of the immunotherapy such as Non-specific immunotherapies , Cancer vaccines, Oncolytic virus therapy, Monoclonal antibodies along with their working and post effects