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Human Resource Management

Author By : R. Wayne Dean Mondy, Joseph J. Martocchio,
Genres : 2015 Management
Publisher : Pearson Education Limited,
ISBN-10 : 1292094370
Pages : 433
Chapters :
Publish Date : 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Human Resource Management (HRM) is all about the man power that must be optimized for achieving the objectives with the give scarce resources. This book makes the readers understand about the adequate use of manpower for meeting objectives. This book focuses on the strategies of management to hire the manpower with cost effective way to ensure the achievement of planned objectives.

Managers mostly rely on the HRM to get their work done so of focuses on the management policies, government laws that are concerned with the human resources. So this book enables to know about the changing workforce and daily challenges tackled by the workforce and even technical revolution that effect management and workforce. Even author has added some view related to motivation and appreciating the workforce for the better productivity.

It should be key function of the business to gain the appreciation of HRM and even treat them as assets for the company. Hoe the dynamic role of HRM can change the business strategies and plans that have indirect influence of the productivity of organization. So the book fetch the attention towards the key role of workforce and the corporate HRM that lead to profitability of business at the end.