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Human Physiology (14th Edition)

Author By : Stuart Fox,
Genres : 2015 Anatomy
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education,
ISBN-10 : 0077836375
Pages : 832
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 16, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

“Criteria and purpose of writing this book sets it apart as it provide the sufficient information to undergraduate students of introductory physiology course.

It includes the contents starting from the introduction of human body and each level of human body organization that is chemical, cellular and tissue. The later chapters explain about the principles and support for movement including the content of Skelton system, joints, muscle tissue and the muscular system.

Third unit of book focus on the control systems of human body including nervous tissue, Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves, The Brain and Cranial Nerves, The Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory, Motor and Integrative System, The Special Senses, The Endocrine System

Further the concept of maintenance of human body is explained by putting light on The Cardiovascular System of The Blood, The Heart and Blood Vessels and Hemodynamic. Important concepts of all systems of human body such as Lymphatic, and Immunity, Respiratory Digestive, Metabolism, Urinary are also included for depth understanding.

Even the Reproductive Systems, Development and Inheritance are mentioned in this text book.

Topics are explained with the proper illustrations along with photographs further the evaluation material is also included for the learners.”