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Human Anatomy For Artists

Author By : Eliot Goldfinger,
Publisher : Oxford University Press,
ISBN-10 : 0195052064
Pages : 191
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 7, 1991
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is a unique book Human Anatomy For Artists PDF Download having the different but relevant title which aimed at the anatomy of the human beings and relate it to the artists. As the author has adopted step by step approach for providing the information that is why he has explained all the parts one by one by separating them.

Each area which is focused has been explained with the illustrated models so the art students can have firm grip on the concepts of human anatomy. Author has focused on every single bone then to the joints and moments of the different joints afterwards there is explanation about the muscles , features of the face that are eyes , nose , ear and most important mouth . even the surface veins and arteries are not left unexplained

This book is fully illustrated throughout the text to make readers more understand and each bone and muscle has been explained in detail even numerous cross section references like CT scans, cut cadavers and trace the all body and muscles.