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HTML5 & CSS3 The Complete Manual 2014

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Quick Overview

This manual is containing the complete information about the HTML5 and CSS3. The students and the web designers can have the depth knowledge about this concept as it is becoming the prominent tool in turning the web designing to an art.

This revised edition is updated with the added features of the HTML5 and CSS3. This book focused on the responsive and adaptive website by using the essential techniques.  It starts with the introduction to the Hyper Text Markup Language and basics of the HTML5. It describe about the new HTML 5  application programming interfaces  that are HTML geolocation, drag and drop, local storage, application cache and SSE. It will help you to learn about all new HTML5 input types, elements and attributes.

It puts light on cascade style sheet styling techniques, border radius, box and text shadow and multiple backgrounds and the gradients. It will assist you in creating smooth transitions and manipulated elements in CSS with the transition and transform properties.