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How Writers Work: Finding a Process That Works

Author By : Ralph Fletcher,
Genres : 2000 Education
Publisher : HarperCollins,
ISBN-10 : 038079702X
Pages : 128
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 25, 2000
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It revealed about the secrets that often mislead to the readers that writers are not the ordinary people they are special creatures that have magical power and treasure of knowledge to which they hide from the others however it has uncovered that the authors are the common people the only difference is that they have great urge to write and to grab every opportunity that they got to write. But they get inspiration from something and someone to write and they get their ideas down on the papers by using their creative and strategic skills that work magically for them. This wonderful book reveals about those creative and magical skills for anyone who has crave to write.

Author has made clear that there is not any secret in the writing but there is the process of few steps that should be in specific direction and according to the perception. This book make you understand about the strategies of the writers that make them appealing for the readers and how these writers work for their engaging work.

This is good and must reading book for them who are seeking themselves as the upcoming writers and want to learn about the process and its steps that can take them high up to their destination.