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Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, 9th Edition

Author By : David N. Shier,
Genres : Anatomy
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Science,
ISBN-10 : 0070272468
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 6, 2002
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

“This book is designed as the complete learning system for the allied health field. It focus on the core concepts of A&P. for the easy accessibility of the learners the difficult and complicated concepts have been explained in the friendly writing style.

It covers the contents starting from the brief overview of anatomy and physiology and what is the chemical basis of human life. Along with the cells and tissues topics like skin and integumentary system have been emphasized. To provide depth knowledge to readers nervous system has been explained in two different parts which cover structure, function and divisions of nervous system respectively. Following chapters enlighten the mind of readers for the other key concepts like somatic and special senses, endocrine system, cardiovascular system along with the digestive system and metabolism.

All topics have been explained with the enough theory and supporting laboratory experiments.”