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Hello Stranger (The Ravenels 4) by Lisa Kleypas

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ISBN-10 : 0062371894
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Publish Date : February 27th 2018
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Language : English
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Quick Overview

Hello Stranger is the page-turner written by Lisa Kleypas. In this book, the author has plotted mainly the two characters one is a woman who defines her time and the other is the man who breaks every rule. Dr. Garret Gibson is plotted as the female Physician working in England and she defines her time to live like men as a daring and independent woman. Dr. Garret has never fallen into love until now but soon she got attracted towards the Former Detective for Scotland Yard named Ethan Ransom.
Another side of the book there is the plot of Ethan who breaks every rule and as Ravenel by blow spurned by his father has very little interest in social gathering but he get attracted towards the beautiful single Garrett and they both spend one night together and even promise not to meet each other after that but soon Garrett is drawn into the dangerous assignment which takes all skills and courage of her to save Ethan. After facing the menace of the treacherous government plot then Ethan realized his love and is ready to do anything for saving his love.