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Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security

Author By : Recx,
Publisher : Wiley,
Pages : 120
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 9, 2013
File Type : PDF, EPub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book mainly focuses on the techniques and the practices to secure your applications. This book enables you to make the secure APEX applications. It just explains about even simple mistakes can lead to the vulnerable attacks on the applications and even provide assistance for using simple Hacker techniques to cope up with the issues.

It broadens the mind of designers for developing the secure design for the website. Even it describes that how secure coding for the site can protect it from the various threats. The concepts have been explained with the observed examples in the client applications.

There is full coverage for the topics like security considerations while using the SQL gateway,, configuring Oracle HTTP server, utilizing the secure socket layers, integration with the oracle Bi  publisher. The complicated concepts like how there can be setting of complex password rules, understanding of the session timeout and enabling  network services and online help in Oracle database are explained in detail and simple manner  for the ease of readers.