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Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management

Author By : Don Hossler,
Genres : 2014 Management
Publisher : Jossey-Bass,
ISBN-10 : 1118819489
Pages : 656
Chapters :
Publish Date : October 20, 2014
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book provides comprehensive view for the strategic enrollment management that is essential for improving the student enrollment outcomes and for meeting the institutional goals through the effective management for the same.


Thishandbook of strategic Enrollment Management pdf downloadcontains the text on the policies, strategies and practices that help to shape up post secondary enrollments. It contains the theories and research with the chapters on the management of the institutions, offices such as admissions, aids and the registrar that provide the comprehensive guidance for this complex field of Strategic Enrollment Management.


This book emphasizes mainly on the achieving the enrollment goals and sustaining the intuitional profits and even meeting the needs of the students. Along with the enhanced approach to admissions and financial aid it also explain about the educational cycle of the students.

This book has been written by considering the graduates and even retained the level of information for the use of professionals that are interested in the enrollment managements.