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Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management

Author By : K.J. Button,
Genres : 2001 Management
Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing Limited,
ISBN-10 : 0080435939
Pages : 700
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 1, 2001
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

With the recognition of transport logistic as essential part for the success of many organizations great need has risen for the logistic and supply chain management study. Even it has recognized that transporting the goods safely, economically, reliably and quickly is important for the prosperity of nation and its capacity to compete with the international economy.

With the advancements in the logistics during 1980 companies has released the profits from limiting inventories and making use of supply chain and taking the advantage of the telecommunication and IT. There are many reasons behind this rapid change including the deregulation and privatization. With the integration of transpiration with the advanced information systems and modern management techniques are used as the center of logistics.

With this book students may learn about the management of transporting and distributing with the logistics with the latest updates in the field. Even reference papers have been added in the book for the students to know about the main elements of transport logistics.