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The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

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ISBN-10 : 1250200350
Pages : 291 pages
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Publish Date : April 2nd 2019
File Type : PDF, epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Annika Rose has been living alone from the last 10 years a woman with autism spectrum which is a neurological and developmental disorder. Her college sweetheart Jonathan Hoffman and she always bumped into him in the frozen food section of their local grocery store. She feels that spark whenever she met him and hope for something more.

In seventh grade, she was bullied by her school mates and after that, she had been home-schooled and she was facing the challenge in college life.  She even helped her to read properly and respond to social cues. She also took Annika to the chess club which was her first meeting and Annika was so scared of that place. With her friend’s help, she was able to put clear thoughts without any confusing emotions. Annika and Jonathan met at this place for the first time. In their first game she beat him, Jonathan was mesmerized by her beauty and shyness. Over the course of their senior year, Jonathan and Annika’s came more to close to each but it ended shortly after Jonathan took a job in New York. Will Jonathan accept her love for Annika again? Or will they not meet again because of the mystery behind their breakup? The story revolves around Annika’s perspective describes her own logic, concrete thought which includes a minimal description and straightforward thinking. Graves creates an amazing love affair in which Annika is not treated as a child because of her problem but rather she is brave and courageous. She made her problems her strengths when catastrophe strikes, Annika is finally going to take the lead in her life for the first time