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A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena

Author By : ,
Publisher : Farrar Straus Giroux Books,
ISBN-10 : 0374305447
Pages : 378
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 27th 2018
File Type : epub, PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

A novel was written by, first-time author Tanaz Bhathena is about a 16-year-old orphan girl who put up at her maternal aunt and uncles place. The story begins with Zarin and Porous’s accident, in which both of them are killed on the expressway.

Zarin Wadia, who is born in Mumbai, now living in Jeddah, Zarin is considered to be half – Zorastrian, being the illegal child of Khorshed’s sister. Zarin’s parents left for the heavenly abode, while she still was in toddler years.

She likes to smoke and prefers being with boys. She gets insulted by everyone, except her childhood friend, from Mumbai Porous, who again makes an appearance in her life, post 12 years, and keeps talking about the little girl with a cautious smile and shy waves.