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General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: Structures of Life (4th Edition)

Author By : Karen C. Timberlake,
Genres : 2012 Chemistry
Publisher : Prentice Hall,
ISBN-10 : 0321750896
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 6, 2012
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This fourth edition presents the better description about the general, organic and biological chemistry. The text written in the book is designed to prepare the students for career in health related professions like nursing, environmental and agricultural science and so on.

The content included in the book with the assumption that the reader has no prior knowledge about the chemistry, means the basics of this stream has been clearly described in this edition.

This book has been written with the objective to make the chemistry quite easy, simple, understanding and engaging subject for the students. This revised edition includes the problem solving strategies, new concepts, problem solving guides, new analyzing features for the better understanding of the included topics