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Finder, Volume 1: Target in the Finder (Finder #1) by Ayano Yamane

Author By : Ayano Yamane,
Publisher : Central Park Media,
ISBN-10 : 1933440007
Pages : 192
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 30th 2005
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

In volume 1 of Finder series, the story tells about the 23-year-old young freelancer photographer that enjoys his works and he believes that his passion will give him a major scoop one day. The story of the book takes the turn when this young boy was doing his routine journalism and captures some mysterious photographs.

The story begins with the relationship of Takara with Asami when he captures his secret dealing of underworld then Asami kidnaps him and rapes him this is how their relationship begins and they are drawn towards each other. Asami When kidnaps Takara then force his captive to undergo the night of pleasure and pain which is beyond the imaginations. Soon the son of powerful Chinese Mafia boss interrupts in their relationship and set his sight on Akihito and he thinks Asami has killed his father so seeking for revenge.

So this book is the perfect blend of three erotic bonus stories which make the book engaging and even readers can find the interview with author Ayano Yamane. Author has tried to narrate an interesting plot and the perfect mixture of three stories to prepare the entertaining stuff for readers