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Financial and Managerial Accounting (10th Edition)

Author By : Belverd E. Needles,
Genres : 2016 Accounting
Publisher : South-Western College Pub,
ISBN-10 : 1285441974
Pages : 1280
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 23, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language :
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Quick Overview

Financial and management accounting  (10th Edition)  PDF Download is the refined edition for the students of accounting that is published after taking the reviews from various professors and students to make sure the quality content.

Text is framed with the division of three sections depending on the similarity and relation of contents.

  1.         The concepts
  2.         Accounting applications
  3.        Business applications

First section focuses only on the general concepts of accounting which are needed to be emphasized for the relevant course. Further in the second section with the tools like “apply it” and transaction analysis the application of accounting is mentioned which is really helpful for the students in knowing the practicability of the theories of accounting.

Last section demonstrates about the applicability of financial accounting for the business and in taking managerial decisions.

These three sections provides in-depth knowledge to instructors and the students thought the different and relevant included chapters like reading of financial statements and business transaction, recording and adjusting of business accounts, performance analysis through cost profit analysis and explained knowledge of assets and liabilities.

This text-book is effective learning system with the new approach, refined ideas improved format of text and end chapter assignment and even NEW TRILEVEL PROBLEMS IN CENGAGENOW  which helps the readers to have better and root knowledge of this wider field.