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Financial Accounting: An Introduction, 6th edition

Author By : Pauline Weetman,
Genres : 2013 Accounting
Publisher : Pearson Education Limited,
ISBN-10 : 0273789252
Pages : 462
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 26, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The author has focused on international financial reporting standards (IFRS) to enables the learners to understand the analysis of annual reports and financial statements of the business and public sector intuitions. It has also emphasized on the medium size businesses where the generally accepted accounting principles are still applied

Financial Accounting: An Introduction, 6th edition PDF Download  book has been written for the undergraduate students and for any stream where knowledge of accounting is applicable. Therefore the text has been written in the plain English language to make it easily accessible even for the beginners. Along with text the relevant case studies has been also poured to make students learn about the accounting concepts with the real world examples.

The book starts with the preface and guided tour for the book and then further it has been divided into the 9 different parts as follows


Part 1 A conceptual framework: setting the scene

Part 2Reporting the transactions of a business

Part 3 Recognition in financial statements

Part 4 Analysis and issues in reporting

Part 5 Setting the scene and defining the basic tools of management accounting Part 6 Job costs and stock valuation

Part 7 Decision making

Part 8 Planning and control

Part 9 Capital investment appraisal and business strategy


In each part relevant terms and concepts have been explained chapter wise which helps the reader to have step by step and in detail learning of the concepts of financial accounting. The topics like who needs accounting, Accounting equation with the definitions of assets and liabilities, detailed concepts about the analysis of financial statements, usefulness of published information and working capital.

Later chapters cover the topics like ownership interest, complete ratio analysis, cash flows and even the functions of management accounting.

In depth information about the costing, budgeting has also been highlighted

Key features

  • Relevant and related Real world cases studies included in the opening of each chapter
  • After the cases learning outcome of each case has been also mentioned
  • Each chapter starts with the introduction to the topic which helps to have a overview of the concepts
  • Each chapter ends with the summary
  • Along with the written text there are further reading questions which enables the readers to know about their understanding level
  • For evaluation even some test banks , problem solving and evaluation assignments are added for deep understanding
  • Even some activities for study groups and the further references for the information are also included at the end of each chapter