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Far from the Tree, by Robin Benway

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ISBN-10 : 0062330624
Pages : 374
Chapters :
Publish Date : October 3rd 2017
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This fresh story about three youngsters inspires a lot of emotions-sadness, vulnerability and unanswered questions. The three protagonists discover that they are not living with their biological families. Grace has always been used to being an only child. She gets the shock of her life when she discovers that she is actually a middle child and has an elder and a younger sibling. Maya, the younger one has always stuck out like a sore thumb in her adoptive family, now she learns why. She is a brash, brutally frank teenager who calls a spade a spade. The shocking revelation comes at a wrong time but the teenager is brave enough to come to terms with it. But the third link to the family, the brother, Joaquin is least bothered about the biological ties. After spending over seventeen years in a foster home, his view about life is nearly pessimistic. He believes that there are no fairy tales, no heroes, and no godfathers. He is of the outlook that life is all about struggles. He thinks that secrets are supposed to kept secrets only. He is sure of taking his secrets to the grave with him. Through the three diverse characters, the novel takes up the sensitive issues of teen pregnancy, adoption and the children’s plight at foster homes.