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Excel 2013 Formulas

Author By : John Walkenbach,
Genres : 2013 Education
Publisher : Wiley,
ISBN-10 : 1118490444
Pages : 864
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 1, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book make you understand about the essential formulas of Excel 2013 that are difficult to cram and understand. It has approach of John who is known as Mr. Spreadsheet to master the students in the applying the formulas of excel.

This book provide guidance the usage and importance of excel formulas with the latest version 2013. Students may learn about the creating formulas for calculations and even about developing the custom worksheet functions with the VBA along with the debugging formulas.

It explains about the all latest features in excel 2013 and even easy tips, tricks and techniques for creating and customizing the formulas for usage. It is quick reference book for knowing about the creation of financial formulas and for tapping into the power of array formulas. It navigates the users for various lookup formulas, working with conditional formatting and developing custom functions along with the proven solutions for handling typical and easy excel formulas.

It is complete guide for learning from charts to pivot tables and all about the excel 2013 for mastering the spreadsheets. Even this guide contains the link to author’s website in which all templates and worksheets used in the book are available along with john’s award winning power utility pack.