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Enterprise Architecture and Information Assurance: Developing a Secure Foundation

Author By : James A. Scholz,
Genres : 2013 Management
Publisher : Auerbach Publications,
ISBN-10 : 1439841594
Pages : 266
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 29, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This Enterprise Architecture and Information Assurance: Developing a Secure Foundation PDF Download book focuses on the securing of data against the interruptions and theft of important data without leaving a chance.  Hope for the best but be prepare for the worst is approach of this book as by planning for the worst conditions organizations can be made ready for the future unexpected conditions.

Students can learn about designing the complex, highly available secure and safe enterprise architectures that combine the most critical aspects of business processes of organization. It is perfect solution to know about the document and mapping of security policies and procedures that are essential for the cost effective organizational security system and control.

It highlights about the infrastructure security and model components, business impact analysis, risk management and mitigation, security configuration management and physical security with the certification and accreditation process.

Students may learn about the sample rules of engagement, NIST and FIPS references and one sample certification statement. It is good book to know about assurance of information by developing a secure foundation.