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Encyclopedia of World History 7 Volume Set

Author By : Marsha E. Ackermann,
Genres : 2008 Education
Publisher : Facts on File,
ISBN-10 : 0816063869
Pages : 3760
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 2008
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book enables the students to learn about the world history comprehensively. This volume 7 has been arranged in six sections that explain thoroughly about pre history and the present day in the similar manner of classroom teaching.

Although there is much popularity of online databases but this print edition of encyclopedia has its own significance as this edition  provide deep insight in the history and its relevance in the present time to make students well known about the oblivion facts about past.

It is collective effort of many experts who have framed it with the global and balance approach with the prospective of human history. Even it makes the students understand about human history in accordance with the academic standards of history.

It enables the students to raise comparisons and connections across the different reasons and time periods with the well designed thematic essays. The included text is explained with the 600 full illustrations and 32 pages of colorful maps and even organized in the friendly layout.