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Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places

Author By : Jeff Belanger,
Genres : 2005 Education
Publisher : New Page Books,
ISBN-10 : 1564147991
Pages : 359
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 2005
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is first book that is written by many paranormal investigators that highlights about the Encyclopedia of various haunted places. There can be various haunted places in the buildings, houses and cemeteries about which generally people talk for the presence of ghosts.


But there is always ground under any king of whisper and for the beliefs behind the presence of ghost and existence of haunted places so this book try to put light on that ground with the help of investigators. But in few places the reasons are unexplained but there are only experiences of the people that become the basis for these beliefs. This book includes many research notes about these places where there is strong belief about the ghosts along with the explanation of ground for the belief and first hand experiences of the people.

Even it contains many anomalous photographs that speak for the ghost manifestations and comprise the list of hundred haunting places.


So it is complete encyclopedia to know about the reason for existence of ghosts and the perception and experiences of people that are added in the research work for the haunted places.