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Emergency Care (12th Edition)

Author By : Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P and Michael F. O'Keefe,
Genres : 2011 Medical
Publisher : Prentice Hall,
ISBN-10 : 013254380X
Pages : 1280
Chapters :
Publish Date : May 8, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book of emergency care has nailed on the emergency medical systems after the training of EMT for over 30 years. it includes the practical information about the emergency care about the patients who don’t have any prior appointment.

This book has been published beyond the standards of the national EMS education standards the founder of emergency care the text has been written to meet the guidelines of American Heart association for CPR and ECC for the students to master in the field.

This edition is revised with the updated facts and guidelines to show the reflection of the EMS practice. Even students can grasp about the current status that how this system is working today along with the information about the equipments used  in various systems for the emergency care. The text has been described with the depth knowledge about the concept and even illustrated with the experiences of the author.

Each section of the this edition has been revised and updated with the new material and facts with the reader friendly format. There has been also given the dose of some instructions and references of the research and practices for the ease of the readers and to expertise them in the clinical application of the emergency care.