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Electromagnetic Theory

Author By : Julius Adams Stratton,
Publisher : Wiley-IEEE Press,
ISBN-10 : 0470131535
Pages : 640
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 22, 2007
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book contains the detail about electromagnetic field for both physics and electronic engineering students and even researcher of the same field also find it beneficial for them

Book contains 9 chapters that are enough to dip the theory of electromagnetic field. It starts with the field equations including Maxwell’s equations, macroscopic properties of matter, units and dimensions, electromagnetic potentials, boundary conditions along with the coordinate systems and field sensors respectively.

Further it moves to the detail of stress and strain in elastic media , electromagnetic forces on the currents and charges, magneto static energy, flow of energy, forces that work on a dielectric in an electronic field along with the forces on magneto static and electrostatic field. Later two Chapters are about the depth study of electrostatic field and magnetostatic field respectively. Readers can grasp about the plane waves in unbound isotropic media along with their flow and medium, cylindrical waves, spherical waves along with the details about radiations and boundary value problem.

Author has explained the concepts step by step in relations and synchronized manners with the proper illustrations where required and even at the end of each chapters problems has been included for the self evaluation of the students that not only help to evaluate their understanding but also focus their attention on the key topics of the chapter.