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Electrical Power Systems Technology, Third Edition

Author By : Dale R. Patrick,
Publisher : Fairmont Press,
ISBN-10 : 1439800278
Pages : 400
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 18, 2008
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book focuses on the production, distribution, control, conversion and even measurement of electrical power. It has complete coverage for making readers understanding about the electrical power systems.

Five units of the book are organized in systematic manner to generate complete learning system for the readers. in the beginning of each unit overview for the whole unit has been provided. The units covered various topics relevant to their unit names in 17 chapters.

First unit covers the fundamentals of power measurement and management along with equipments for measurement. Following unit with the title of electrical power production system includes the discussions for modern and alternative power systems along with the alternative and direct current power systems.

Later two units are related to electrical power distribution and conversion systems that enable readers to have knowledge about power distribution both single phase and three phases, fundamentals of electrical loads and the different systems such as heating, lighting and mechanical.

Last unit revolves around the information related to control devices both power and operational. Step by step information pattern along with the mathematical presentations of practical applications and illustrations make readers to understand deeply about the concepts of electrical power systems.