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Effective Small Business Management, 10th Edition

Author By : Norman M. Scarborough,
Genres : 2011 Management
Publisher : Prentice Hall,
ISBN-10 : 0132157462
Pages : 888
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 4, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book mainly aims at the undergraduate and graduate students of the entrepreneurship and small business management courses. Effective Small Business Management pdf download presents the overview about successful launching and management for small business.

It is best solution for the students that seek for broadening their mind about possibilities, challenges and rewards of the small business owners with the effective management. Even the text included describes about the tools that are needed for the launch and management of small business.

Author has provided the effective and result oriented strategies for the success of small venture. Students can learn about the different fields of management for the small ventures as on small scale how planning, organizing and decision making take place and how it make difference to the profitability of the small businesses.  This edition has been revised and updated with the latest examples and up to date information for ethics and social responsibility and pedagogical features that provide hand on to the students.