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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Author By : Daniel H. Pink,
Genres : 2011 Motivational
Publisher :
ISBN-10 : 1594484805
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Quick Overview

The sizzling factors that encourage us

It is trusted that the best motivation method is rewarding such as with money. But this is not the truth, in this book you will learn the real secret of achieving satisfaction in personal and career life. You will become able to try new things and behave good with others.
The book spotlights the difference between the science and business and their influence on your life. Three factors are evaluated such as autonomy, mastery and purpose. It shows the clever and wonderful methods to take an action that you can learn from this encouraging book that will certainly change the way you imagine and convert the way you live. It improves your performance and level of satisfaction that your learn from this book.