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Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

Author By : ,
Publisher : Balzer,
ISBN-10 : 0062570609
Pages : 455
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 3rd 2018
File Type : PDF, epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It’s the old story of a middle-class girl aspiring to make it big in the big, bad world but in a new avatar. Born in war-torn Pennsylvania, Jane witnesses violence as a way of life. Concerned about the safety of society as a whole, a legal act binds Jane to acquire and master combat skills.  But Jane’s heart is not in this weapon ruled warfare based life. She pines for her homeland Kentucky and wants to return as soon as she finishes her studies. She is just waiting to do so after she passes out of School of Combat run by Miss Preston in Baltimore. Politics is the last thing on her mind and she is absolutely unmindful of all the vested interests that linger in the political corridors of Baltimore. But destiny throws up a new challenge when some families mysteriously disappear in Baltimore. Jane just can’t turn her eyes away from the recent mysterious happenings. She is caught in a dilemma to continue to chart her chosen path or help humanity fight the injustice being meted out to it. The girl is caught up in a challenging situation. Further reading will reveal whether she decides to stay true to herself and mankind as a whole or she opts to satiate her personal urges. Does she ignore all the hindrances that block her way to her long cherished dream or she uses her combat skills to revive justice? Read on.