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Dragon Warrior (Midnight Bay #2) by Janet Chapman

Author By : Janet Chapman,
Publisher : Pocket Star,
ISBN-10 : 1439159890
Pages : 340 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 25, 2011
File Type : PDF Ebook
Language :
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Quick Overview

The Midnight Bay series introduces us to this hot and steamy installment that automatically seduces with an enticing tale of a fiery, independent lady and a tempting immortal warrior with a dragon’s courageous heart. Maddy Kimble hardly has time for a suitor; she is busy caring for her nine-year-old daughter, spunky nursing home patients, her widowed mother and a rebellious teenage brother.

William Kilkenny’s stunning lack of contemporary dating approach doesn’t help. He is outrageous, but a breathtaking hot warrior who refuses to give up. William is secretly a ninth-century Irish nobleman who was formerly trapped in a dragon’s body. Currently, all that He begs her to trust him, but Maddy can’t surrender her heart and soul.

Publication Date: 25th January 2011 by Pocket Star.