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Doors of Stone By Patrick Rothfuss

Author By : Patrick Rothfuss,
Genres : 2019
Publisher : Gollancz,
ISBN-10 : 0575081449
Pages : 896 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : 2019
File Type : PDF, epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The third in the series of the Kingkiller Chronicle is going to be available after some days. Expect a lot of upheaval in the heroes’ life. The latest novel by Patrick Rothfuss was indeed awaited eagerly. Despite the release date being under wraps, the fans are excited about the book. In this book, The final stages of the chronicle which began from The name of the wind show up in this part. Be ready to witness the saga which flows like a stream treading up the troublesome mountains, treacherous rivers and turbulent seas. Kvothe navigates the ups and downs of his adventurous life. He fights the adversities his life offers and emerges victorious yet again. Kvothe’s story touches unknown boundaries and meanders into unknown territories. The Doors Of Stone indeed presents a rare insight into Patrick’s literary style and creative skills. Get ready for a rendezvous with adventure, emotions, bitter combats, treachery, loyalty and friendship all rolled into one. The rare combination of wild imagination and vivid description is bound to take you on a heavenly trip. Just hold on to the reins of reaity tight so that you don’t have trouble returning to the real world.