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Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

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Genres : 2003 Classics Fiction
Publisher : Penguin Classics,
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Publish Date : February 25th 2003
File Type : PDF, EPUB
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Originally written as a comic sarcasm against brave romances in state of the art, it mainly describes matter of factually what happens to the knight, who is quite aged now, who loved reading romances, but now is puzzled even glancing at them. Goes out on his old horse, with down to earth landowner, Sancho Panza, for an adventure. The novel has been a success since its translation in English.

Also by getting a famous name. He goes to a motel, which he assumes to be a castle, meets call girls whom he thinks to be high born ladies, and greets them along with the gatekeeper, who is a thief, in a language they can barely understand. The bizarre, transformation of the sacred ritual of knighthood into informal material compares a similar thing going on in Europe.