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DNA Repair (Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology)

Author By : Fritz Eckstein,
Genres : 2012 Biology
Publisher : Springer,
ISBN-10 : 3642487726
Pages : 317
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 19, 2012
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book aimed at DNA that is the central repository of genetic information. It has been highlighted that that mostly cancers are caused by DNA damage so the recognition and repair of these damages is mandatory to prevent cancer.

This edition focuses at the new and updating developments in the molecular biology concepts. This book provides the wider view of the concepts and helps the students to grasp knowledge about DNA damages and its importance for study and research.

Chemical mutagens, radiations attack DNA. Therefore great deal of resources is put by cells for repairing of DNA. From the simple protein structure to sequential pathways that requires multiple enzymes that all facts are involved in mechanisms of DNA. But the central part of these mechanisms includes protein that is helpful to recognize the DNA damage and even how these damaged DNA can distinguished is also highlighted. This process of recognition of the damage is yielding its secrets to structural analysis of DNA.

Therefore this volume has nailed at the structural analysis for the DNA damage recognition and repair. The text of the book is divided into detailed 13 chapters that include depth information illustrated with the relevant examples and pictures that make more understanding about this concept.