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Developmental Biology, 6th edition

Author By : Scott F. Gilbert,
Genres : 2000 Biology
Publisher : Sinauer Associates,
ISBN-10 : 0878932437
Pages : 709
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 2000
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This 6th edition of developmental biology provides big platform for the scientists who are willing to thread different levels of biology. It creates the framework for the readers to aware them about integrated field molecular biology, physiology, cell biology, cancer research, immunology, anatomy, neurobiology, along with the ecology and evolutionary biology.

Readers may grasp about various problems and their references on molecular and chemical levels such as how Globin genes are transcribed and about factors that activates their transcription with each other on DNA. Even some problems like level like description of cells that make globin can be taken and studied on the cellular and tissue. Even on organ and organ system levels one may access detail about formation of capillaries in each tissue and how they are connected and instructed to branch.

What make flow of oxygen from mother to fetus and factors that trigger differentiation of RBC can be studied on the ecology and evolutionary level of biology.

The book has appealing feature that it contains the information chapter wise and well explained step by step on each level of biology. Even it has sufficient reference material for graduate and undergraduate students. Its model presentation and illustrations with the written text make it worth reading.