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Cornerstones of Financial and Managerial Accounting

Author By : Jay Rich,
Genres : 2009 Accounting
Publisher : Cengage Learning,
ISBN-10 : 0538751290
Pages : 1392
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 15, 2009
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The most appealing feature of this Cornerstones of Financial and Managerial Accounting PDF Download book is that it has taken accounting to the new heights and presenting it as it is more above then recording and analyzing the business transactions.

It’s unique and pedagogy approach for the concepts gives it upper edge and generate it as a unique and effective learning system of both financial and managerial accounting.

The totally new concepts like accounting information system, accrual accounting and depth information for the long term assets and liabilities are included for the learners.

Even it covers the topics like flexible budgets and overhead analysis, Performance Evaluation, Variable Costing, and Decentralization, short-Run Decision-Making, Relevant Costing and Inventory Management and Capital Investment Decision in depth while meeting with the standards of IFRS an US GAAP.

Even along with the detail text it also includes the discussion questions, reviews multiple choice questions, problems and other self evaluation material for the better understanding of the students

The whole text has been written after the proper research and in-depth study of the concepts that is why it demonstrate about the accuracy and updated information for the students to help them having tight grip on both the terms financial and managerial accounting and cornerstones of them along with compare and contrast study of both.