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Complete Guide of Hair Transplant

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Quick Overview

This book has been written by the team of experts to enlighten the mind of patients and the surgeons of hair transplant. Although the concept of hair transplant is widely accepted and recognized as effective method for hair restoration yet no paperwork has been received to highlight it.

This book thoroughly put light on the overall procedures of HT which are widely accepted and world proven. It has full coverage for the topics like male pattern baldness, consultation, type of grafts, study about the donor and recipient area, procedure for the surgery and the complications attached with this treatment.

This book assists you in planning of the right operation for all types of baldness, will tell you which is best FUE OR FUT for hair transplant and information about the standard grafts , mini grafts and micro grafts to achieve natural look. Even it includes some tips for treating the younger and patients with abrupt balding along with the information for designing the surgery for long lasting and quality results.