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Chameleon Soul (Chequered Flag) (Volume 1)

Author By : Mia Hoddell,
Genres : 2016 Adult Novels
Publisher : Limitless Publishing,
ISBN-10 : 1680584731
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 25, 2016
File Type : epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw
Language : English
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Quick Overview

“It is novel putting life on a life of girl named Raine and her love story. She was in relationship with a guy named Teo Coates. This story actually includes various breath taking truths to be revealed. As in the first front Raine is shown in very deep dig og grief who just want to let her die for anyhow.

In the novel it appears that Raine has a great love for his boyfriend Teo. Even both were happily living and pulling ahead their life since last two years of affair but suddenly after one mystery night their life got changed.

She just left him without saying single word to him after one night even not explaining about the reasons for the same. She left her after a text that it’s all over.

But after the couple of year life takes it turn and again that guy Teo comes back in her life. Teo felt ecstatic after seeing her back in his life. He again wanted her to be weaved off in their life but now many things were unseen and unspoken. Nothing was same like earlier it used to be.

Raine was not the same girl whom Teo used to be loved. It was the mystery for the Teo that why she left him after one night? Why she got changed?

So this novel is really full of goose bumps giving truths and realities which just enables the readers to scratch their head that actually what were the unspoken truths behind the story? Whether the Raine and Teo would live happy ever after as couple or not? What changed the Raine ?

What was the truth of that mysterious night which just shattered the life of both and what was exactly happened on that sinister life?”