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Chain of Gold By Cassandra Clare

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Genres : 2019
Publisher : Walker Books,
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Chapters :
Publish Date : 2019
File Type : PDF, ePUB
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Chain of Gold is the first installment in the series The Last Hours and penned down by the New York bestselling author Cassandra Clare.  Cassandra is famous for her trunks of fantasy so again she came up with the great fantasy about the Lucie Herndale. This book is having interesting stuff like its title.

The story centered on some glimpses of the life of Lucie Herndale that remember about the adjouement of manor of Blackthorns by her family manor after the day her father has murdered even due to crime of her father his brothers were also killed by the shadow hunters.

Thus it is the great installment of the trilogy named The Last Hours in which the author has tried to raise the great stuff through the plotting of beautiful characters and this plotting is the reason for making this book quite engaging and interesting. Even the other installments of the series are also having the same characters Will, Lucie and many others that make the readers curious to know more about them.