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Black American Biographies: The Journey of Achievement

Author By : Jeff Wallenfeldt,
Genres : 2010 Biographies
Publisher : Rosen Education Service,
ISBN-10 : 1615301372
Pages : 402
Chapters :
Publish Date : September 1, 2010
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is compiled wit the biographies of the achievers who enrich the foundations of the America. It includes the insight stories of the black Americans who proved themselves starting from the Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama.


It has explored about the strength of African American who cover their journeys from the hardship filled past to the optimism future that not only turn their lives but also the culture and history of United States. It has threaded the stories of the scientists, public servants and even the entertainers who achieved something in their respective fields.

It has highlighted crave of Black Americans for achieving and excelling even being deprived on the name of “Race”. It explains about the hardships that they face due to the blackness but still they reached to the peaks of glory and hit the frame of culture and history of nation and mended it with their achievements and fame that was next to impossible even after the formal declaration for the liberty and equality that was obstructed by the barriers.

It is inspirational thought for the readers as it has been embellished with the sagas of the blacks who broke the clutches of slavery and become gems of achievements.