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Biometrics: From Fiction to Practice

Author By : Yingzi (Eliza) Du,
Publisher : Pan Stanford Publishing,
ISBN-10 : 9814310883
Pages : 326
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 7, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Biometrics is not a new term to hear but it is really vast concept in itself for the learners this book puts light on this concept.  This book aims to introduce the readers about the basic designs of the biometrics and its developments along with the applicability for the person’s identity.

Along with the glimpse of current developments it also explains about the research work related to biometrics and designs in the coming future. It explains about the latest concerns and issues in this field for the people who want to explore about the latest developments in the human identification area including the school students and researchers in the same field.

Therefore for the ease of readers the concepts has been explained in the plain English to provide the technical insights into the designs and developments. The text of the book has explained in 14 chapters that provide step by step learning. Starting from the introduction to the biometrics it proceeds further with the explanation of recognition of fingerprint, face detection and Iris, speaker recognition for this system, recognition of palm, multimodal biometrics, smart card biometrics and smart clothes fir the biometrics.

Later chapters explain about the spoof and vulnerability of BS, challenges in accessibility, usability and legal frame work of BS, cancellable and continue verification and trends in biometric systems. Even further links have been provided for the reference of other sources to get information in this book which make readers better understanding about this technology.