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Biomarkers in Neoplastic Neuropathology

Author By : Fausto Rodriguez and Cheng-Ying Ho,
Genres : 2016 Medical
Publisher : Springer,
ISBN-10 : 3319209302
Pages : 98
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 4, 2016
File Type : PDF
Language : Français
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Quick Overview

The neuropathology plays vital role in the multidisciplinary management of the brain tumor patients. Several molecular tests have been introduced to for the clinical practices and to contribute for the refinement of tumor classification.

This book describes the techniques for clinical and experimental detection of the biomarkers in the brain neoplasms. The diagnostic, predictive and the prognostic biomarkers for the various types of biomarkers have been included in the text to make you understand.

The terms like in situ hybridization, array-based methods, methylation profiling, next-generation sequencing, and practical gene panels have been added in the book to understand the biomarkers in the brain neoplasm. The information about the preservation of the molecular tissue and the use of tissue in the clinical settings has been given in the chapter of bio banking. The last section describes about the diversification of the neoplastic disorders involving the nervous system with the focus on biomarkers used in pathologic evaluation of the various types of brain tumors.

Even much emphasis has been given to the key issues for the brain tumor biomarker research with the strict orientation to the mission, defining the research priorities and the absorption of translational complexities.