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Biology: Today and Tomorrow with Physiology (4th Edition)

Author By : Cecie Starr and Christine Evers,
Genres : 2012 Biology
Publisher : Brooks Cole,
ISBN-10 : 1133364454
Pages : 640
Chapters :
Publish Date : May 9, 2012
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The approach that appeals to the readers is straightforward writing style, accuracy and clarity of the text that make Biology accessible for them. This text book is packed with the applications by ensuring the relevancy for student life.

This 4th edition has been divided into 6 units that has staircase approach for making readers understand about this field. Working and structure of the cell, life of molecules, energy and metabolism, how to capture and release energy has been explained in the very first unit. Later students may grasp about Genetics, structure of DNA and its function, how cells reproduce and what are pattern of inheritance along with the biotechnology.

Even evolution and diversity with the evidence of evolution, process, Early life forms and viruses has been included further concept of ecology has been discussed in detail. Last two units are about how animals and plant work respectively with the depth explanation about tissues and organism, immunity and respiration.

.this book also includes Aplia that improve the comprehensions and outcomes of the students’ efforts. For the ease of students key concepts are explained with big pictures and illustrations that have visual appeal for the text.

Self evaluation material at the end of topic makes it more engaging as students can learn and evaluate both with this complete learning system.