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Biological Autonomy: A Philosophical and Theoretical Enquiry

Author By : Alvaro Moreno,
Genres : 2015 Philosophy
Publisher : Springer,
ISBN-10 : 9401798362
Pages : 221
Chapters :
Publish Date : May 5, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book has been framed on the idea of evolution that has influenced the scientific and philosophical comprehension of biology and of our place in nature. Book has nailed on the need of progress of contemporary biology toward that of autonomy.

In the book content involved covers the organization and biological emergence, organism’s agency, cognition, look at historical dimension of autonomy and levels of autonomy. This book explains about the current development of the scientific investigation and how it can contribute to the elaboration in understanding the life of human and understanding of other existing theories and approaches on earth