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Beginning Analog Electronics through Projects: Second Edition

Author By : Andrew Singmin Educatio,
Publisher : Newnes,
ISBN-10 : 0750672838
Pages : 152
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 1, 2001
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is learning program for analog electronics with fun and is framed for the beginners who have hobby in learning electronics and for the students who want to learn the fun with electronics.

The included projects provide practical exercises, building techniques and ideas for the electronic projects. Even some new troubleshooting test equipments and new material on analog and digital electronics have been added.

Even theory related to electronics has been restricted to need to know that enables the students to get start without complex math. Commonly used electronic components and the functions of these components are explained briefly for progressive learning, even the instructions are included to make students learn step by step about the techniques of component identification, soldering and troubleshooting.

The book starts with the overview of analog and digital electronics along with the description of Ohm’s law, resistors. LEDs, ICs, multimeters and potentiometers and then it move further with the simple assembling techniques. 10 projects are included related to fixed and variable low frequency LED flasher, fixed low gain audio power amplifier ,audio tone generators both fixed and variable gain and Dual-Gain Electrets Microphone Audio Pre-Amplifier. Even later Projects are Signal Injector and Signal Monitor Project